Maya Trek, El Zotz – Tikal

Dare to experience a wild journey in the Maya Biosphere Reserve to discover ancient Mayan cities protected by the dense rainforest.

The Maya Trek is a journey that combines adventure, nature, culture and archeology. It takes place entirely in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, which is part of the Maya Jungle - the largest protected area in Guatemala that occupies 19% of the country. This area, combined with the protected areas of southern Mexico and Belize, are the largest stretch of tropical forest in the Americas, north of the Amazon.
The 3-day/2-night trek takes travelers through various protected areas and archeological sites. The journey begins at the Community of Cruce Dos Aguadas and ends at Tikal National Park. For this expedition, travelers are required to hire the services of the Tourism Commission of Cruce Dos Aguadas Community, as they are the only ones authorized to do this tour.  

A 31-mile trek in the tropical jungle, the tour follows the footsteps of Siyaj K´ak´, who was a prominent political figure during the Classic Period of the Mayan civilization. Siyaj K´ak´ also dominated the Maya Lowlands.

Each day, travelers embark on long walks that last six to seven hours. They are always accompanied by fully-trained local guides from the Cruce dos Aguadas community. In addition to knowing the lay of the land, these guides provide food and water during the trek and bring along horses, which trekkers can opt to use.